My name is Davis &  I use art & design to solve communication problems. I love what I do and I can be a bit obsessive at times. Currently I work at KnoxWeb as the creative director, but I love the adventure of doing freelance work & the adventure of new projects. If you need someone on your team to help develop a logo, create a great advertisement, or explain why not to make everything the same color of blue; I am happy to help.

App Design.

App design is something that keeps amazing me. The innovation that keeps evolving is fascinating. I think app design & story boarding is a lot of fun too. It takes a little while to figure things out but the final products are awesome. The truth is, a great app is not about breaking the mold. Great app design comes from user experience. If people like to play with it, it is probably a good app. Provided it works & doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Print Design .

I love print! I love the feeling of creating something awesome on my computer and then later holding it in my hand. I love the smell of fresh print. I love the impact. Still, I feel like sometimes we don't stop & appreciate the little things. Business cards are some of my favorite things to make. They create a first impression. Ahhh. The little things. I can do the hard stuff too.

Web Design .

I will be the first to admit that I am not a web developer. I have tremendous amounts of respect for the wizards of CSS, HTML, PHP, & JavaScript. I can build websites, but not on the level of a real developer. I did create the site you are currently looking at, so do not hate. I do not build websites (usually), but I do design them. Taking into consideration user experience (UX) & user interface (UI), I have designed some pretty awesome sites. However, they would not exist with out  an incredibly talented group of developers.


Davis Pratt

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