Planetful of Miracles

Here is a concept commissioned by Chris Morciling. Her idea is actually very complicated, so my focus was to simplify this page as much as possible, in order to not scare away users the first moment they lay eyes on it. Basically a social media platform for people to exchange ideas allow others to see what/who is trending. Also**** users will have 2 types of accounts. Sort of teachers & students. If a teacher is good enough, the student will pay to learn from them. Those teachers will be ranked, with the highest ranking granted highlighted status in the site. I think this will be hard to pull off. Also there is actually a 3rd user. Someone without an account that wants to browse and read public material. My solution to this was to break up the page search // signup // trending. Time will tell if the client will follow this advice, as she seems somewhat out of touch with the level of commitment people will give to the site on first visit. I also always post my concept sites online for clients to view, but I forget to post the links here. So, here goes.





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